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Thanks to our clients' trust we offer a wide range of properties capable of satisfying your demand. We have considerable experience in all areas of the business including assessing client needs and market opportunities which better adapt to specific needs as well as in bringing the parties together for successful deals.

Our work team is effective in providing solutions to our clients. Our professional staff at Juan Ruiz Negocios Inmobiliarios covers all real estate business areas and therefore is fully equipped and prepared to work with you in the search of your housing solution and/ or investment.

You may contact us at juanruiz@juanruiz.com.uy  for any questions on the following areas:
Purchase and sale of property
Leasing of housing accommodations and commercial premises
Investment projects
Tax advising


Juan Ruiz Negocios Inmobiliarios Gabriel Otero 6498 esq. Costa Rica
Telefonos:2600 2533 y 099 445 229
e-Mail: juanruiz@juanruiz.com.uy

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